Pfingsttreffen in Schlüchtern (Whitsun Conference in Schlüchtern)

EA 20/31

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Date May 21, 1920
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Whitsun Conference in Schlüchtern

[Arnold, Eberhard and Emmy papers – M.S.]

EA 20/31

Whitsun Conference in Schlüchtern

Invitation 21. [25.] Mai 1920

Something new, something great is germinating and sprouting everywhere. It has not yet taken on shape and form. We know that there is a strong religious wave and that it is swelling. We know that it is the Spirit of Christ that is rushing over us as a fresh, new wind, without our always being able or willing to say where it comes from and where it is going. It is the Spirit of the same Jesus who embodied perfect, unconditional love in his life and in his death. It is the all-embracing Spirit of the Logos Christ, through whom all things were made that were made. It is the same creative Spirit of true freedom and productive work, who today too leads us together because he is the Spirit that unites. We are all under the growing impression that it will help us very little to launch into abstract discussions about the working of this Spirit and his will to lead to something concrete. Yet we need each other all of us who stand under the free and liberating influence of this Spirit. We want to get to know each other and experience together what the enlivening Spirit will bring about among us.

It is therefore in response to the request and expectation of many that we send out this invitation to the first Whitsun Conference in Schlüchtern today. For four days we want to live together and hike together. In the Rhön, the Spessart, and the Vogelsberg, in woods and mountains, we want to immerse ourselves in nature and our homeland that is so much a part of our experience. At the Habertshof we will get to know one of those settlements that are now arising here and there as the inevitable expression of the communal spirit and of the joy in work and nature. We will climb the Steckelsburg that means so much to us because of Ulrich von Hutten. But we will not only hike and play, look and enjoy we plan to do some serious work together. We will experience hours of reflection in which the mystery of the incarnation and the life of Christ will become living for us. We want to consider how the earliest experiences of the Spirit and the deepest human relationships are fulfilled in Christ. We will discover, as the days go by, whether the final chords will ring out through the experience of nature and fellowship or whether, in our attitude to society, nation, and mankind, we are moved more powerfully by the urge toward creative, communal work. However that may be, we want to see and experience what a Christian looks like who is neither a caricature of Christ nor of man. We hope that, among others, the following will take part in the discussions:

Kurt Wörmann, Theo Wemhöhner, Willi Völger, John Stephens, Traugott Stackelberg, Otto Samuel, Gustav Prietsch, Alfred Peter, Walter Runge, Ernst Röttger, Fritz Röhr, Elisabeth Riemeyer, Gustav Kochheim, Walter Koch, Normann Körber, Walter Krausenberger, Günther Klahre, Hans Christof Kargel, Karl Udo Iderhoff, Werber Jantschge, Hilde Hoppe, Hilmar von Hinüber, Otto Herpel, Hans Ludwig Held, Gerhard Günther, Erich Günther, Ernst Georgi, Georg Flemmig, Heinrich Frick, Emil Faes, Erich Ebbinghaus, Corder Catchpool, Max Bürck, Joachim Böck, Emil Bluntschli, Heinrich Becker, Karl Backofen, Eberhard Arnold.

We are sending this invitation only to those in whom we can count on the same understanding of life, awareness of community, and feeling of responsibility. We ask that in passing on this invitation you let yourselves be led by the same Spirit.

We greet you,

die Schlüchterner