Eberhard Arnold Research Grant

Note: One more grant is available for 2022. However, additional applications for funding beyond the three grants initially awarded will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

portrait of Eberhard Arnold as a young manEberhard Arnold is an important though largely overlooked figure in twentieth-century theology. He co-founded the Bruderhof movement; wrote passionately about peace, community living, and sanctification in accordance with the Sermon on the Mount; was a sought-after speaker throughout central Europe; and resisted the rise of Nazism.

Plough Publishing House is offering three grants of $1000 USD each to scholars writing academic articles on Eberhard Arnold’s thought. Applicants selected for a grant will receive $500 upon acceptance of their application and another $500 upon confirmation of their article’s publication in a relevant peer-reviewed journal.

Grants will be conferred on the basis of academic ability and publishing record. Those without a publishing record are still invited to apply. Applicants should either be part of a doctoral program in theology or other relevant discipline, or they should hold a doctorate. Established scholars are encouraged to apply.

The applicant should propose three peer-reviewed journals as prospective publishers. Under the circumstances that the article is rejected from all three proposed journals, the article will then be considered for publication on eberhardarnold.com and if accepted the author will receive their second payment. At Plough’s discretion, the author may choose instead to continue submitting to other journals not initially proposed in his or her application. An editor of the Eberhard Arnold website will be available to provide feedback on articles of successful applicants before submission to journals.

Applications should be submitted on or before August 19, 2022. Early submissions showing promise may be considered before the closing date.

Download the application.

See our biography and bibliography of secondary literature for ideas on where to start.

Congratulations to our successful applicants:

Jason Barnhart, Ashland Theological Seminary, OH, “Baptism into the Church and for the World: The Baptismal ‘Sacrament’ of Karl Barth and Eberhard Arnold.”

Craig Hovey, Ashland University, OH, writing on Nietzsche in Eberhard Arnold’s theology.