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Christ has entrusted his church with the witness of his future kingdom, with the character of his discipleship and life community with God. The tremendous responsibility of the church is that it is the light of the unchanging love of God, because Christ is present. The great joy and strength of the church is that Christ is in its midst, for it is the temple of the Holy Spirit. In every aspect of its personal and public life, the church must radiate the peace-giving strength of the love of Christ who lives within it.

- Eberhard Arnold
October 18,2020

The church is the door of peace, open in the present as an entrance into the kingdom of the future. So for the believing and united church, Satan is already bound; in the church, his divisiveness and hostility have been done away with. The kingdom of peace has been won. Weapons are laid down. Christ is king, and he is king here and now as the head and the heart of the church.

- Eberhard Arnold
October 17,2020

This deepest mystery of the kingdom of God is what concerns us, the way it is revealed in the heart of the believer and in the soul of the loving disciple of Jesus in following him, and the way it is revealed in the church in her complete community and in the persecution she has to suffer, and further, the way the whole earth, which more and more falls a prey to the sovereignty of Satan, must be conquered by God so that the future of the harvest will come.

- Eberhard Arnold