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How much of the old nature must still be put aside before Christ is all in all! Renewal does not imply completion; rebirth is only the beginning of purification. It is normal to recognize more and more what is bad in us. So put it aside through Christ and keep moving forward.

- Eberhard Arnold
March 02,2021

Millions are oppressed, languishing, barely alive. True identification with them can come only the hard way of personally sharing their need. We must expose ourselves to the all-too-real horrors of their daily life, together with those who are physically enervated, spiritually ruined, and emotionally diseased. We can comprehend the measureless suffering of the world and the unsolved need of man only when we ourselves actually suffer poverty, shame, and want. We can speak about them only when our words come from the very depth of our hearts.

- Eberhard Arnold
March 01,2021

The fire that comes down from heaven is the blazing sign in which the God of the covenant draws near to men. For He is the creative Spirit of the central fire who created heaven and earth, sun, light and glowing warmth and all life.

- Eberhard Arnold