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We are reborn through the living Word of God and through the moving Spirit of Jesus Christ. The strength and might of God does not live in pale recollection. It does not work in dead learning. The Word of truth which brings forth the new life must ever anew show itself to be living and powerful in our hearts, if our spirit is not to fall a prey to death.

- Eberhard Arnold
February 22,2021

The extreme confusion which has come over all the countries and peoples of the world must be transformed by the power from the inmost spring into a realm and a nation wherein peace has deeply penetrated, and where the powers of the coming kingdom of God are poured out through the Holy Spirit.

- Eberhard Arnold
February 21,2021

Our life will become not narrower, but broader; not more limited, but more boundless; not more regulated, but more abundant; not more pedantic, but more bounteous; not more sober, but more enthusiastic; not more fainthearted, but more daring; not worse and more human, but filled with God and ever better; not sadder, but happier; not more incapable, but more creative. All this is Jesus and His Spirit of freedom! He is coming to us. Therefore let us forget. Let us forgive everyone, just as we must be forgiven everything, and go into the future radiant with joy!

- Eberhard Arnold