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How wonderful are the inner experiences of many in this dreadful time of war. In the midst of hell the eternal power of the kingdom of heaven has shown itself. Basically it is like this everywhere in our lives. In our hearts, in our work, everywhere, we are surrounded by hellish powers. Again and again, in spite of the prevailing conditions, we must keep watch over the kingdom of God.

- Eberhard Arnold
July 22,2024

It must have been difficult for you to see so much break down under God’s flashes of lightning, to have to recognize so much as inadequate, yes, some of it even as dangerous and destructive! Not only that which is evil, also that which is almost good, must yield to what is better, what is alone and truly good.

- Eberhard Arnold
July 21,2024

In speaking before others, it is possible for a great miracle to happen. God, really God, works so powerfully that speakers and listeners no longer feel anything that comes from men, especially from the one speaking, whom they forget completely. They are so overpowered by God that chains fall, sickness departs, new birth is given and God and His Kingdom alone prevail.

- Eberhard Arnold