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Peace is born of thoughts of the good. In the strength of peace one wants the good for all men and all things. A heart that thinks evil cheats itself and all others of peace. It becomes unhappy and spreads unhappiness. But he who works towards peace through the good, brings the joy of life to men.

- Eberhard Arnold
Yesterday's quote

It is the deathly loneliness of the Crucified that frees us from our own importance. It is the step into death by faith that leads us through the grave to the certainty of life. Christ has accepted me so utterly that He becomes united with me and says, “I am this poor sinner; that is, all his sin and death is my sin and my death.” In this unity unto death we are freed from all sin, in spite of the most frightening awareness of sin. We gain life in the Risen One.

- Eberhard Arnold
July 10, 2020

Through the experience of God, man is drawn into the end of creation. The fiery baptism of God’s judgment wants to revive the phoenix from the ashes. The dying of the old world heralds the beginning of the new. When the human heart is touched by God, it is close to death because life is coming to it. The death of Christ brings the resurrection.

- Eberhard Arnold