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Christ not only died, He rose again from death. So we too have risen. And the limbs that before served injustice are now working tools of the Kingdom of God. Jesus is different from Buddha in that he died for us and for our sins while Buddha died merely in the illusion of compassion and of denying the world.

- Eberhard Arnold
September 27,2023

At the moment when Jesus died, he embraced all space and time, he embraced all centuries and all nations. He broke down all boundaries. He broke down the boundaries between the years. He broke down the boundaries between the continents. He broke down the boundaries between peoples and nations. He broke down the walls and small fences between the individual souls of men. He overcame all time and space in the abundance of his love. And in this love he brought unity and truth and love, and united everything in a newly created body on his cross. The new incarnation of Christ began when the first incarnation ended on his cross.

- Eberhard Arnold
September 26,2023

We believe in the crucified Christ and his death, and therefore we thank God that all our own strength, our own life and nature, died and was crucified with Christ. We thank God that we have died with Christ and are dead to sin, dead to the world and to the spirit of the times, dead to our own ego and our covetousness. We thank God that Christ’s death became our own death, that the judgment which broke in upon Christ has become our own judgment, so that because we are judged with Christ, we need not be judged any more now, that in him we received forgiveness for all our sins.

- Eberhard Arnold