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Peace is born when the body of justice is brought to the light. The Church of Jesus Christ is the organism of this body in justice, peace and joy of the Spirit. At the given time justice shall arise. With the rising of the sun the day of great peace breaks. In Jesus the day has dawned. It comes anew in Christ. Peace is guaranteed when justice arises resplendent.

- Eberhard Arnold
August 01,2021

Experience of God means strength for action. There is no love that does not live in deeds. The experience of God, because it is the life of love, is also an experiencing of strength. If the substance of faith is Jesus Christ, then this faith must be just as active in His perfect love as He was. Personally and actually, the believer must represent and carry out the same that Jesus achieved.

- Eberhard Arnold
July 31,2021

We may have heard and read a great deal about the words and life of Jesus. We may be able to say a great deal about the words of the Bible. But unless the spirit and essence of His love grips and encompasses the whole of our lives to the depths, dead knowledge only leads to destruction.

- Eberhard Arnold