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We small people must disappear from our own field of vision so that only one question remains in view: “What is happening to God’s Kingdom?” What is going to happen to the injustice of the world situation, which cries out to heaven? How shall God’s Kingdom come? And how can we do away with all distractions so that we come to the cause entrusted to us by the Church?

- Eberhard Arnold, July 1934
October 27,2020

We know that here the absolute truth reigns if we experience the unanimity of the believers. The spirit of truth never contradicts itself. We see unity and unanimity as the characteristic mark of absolute truth. This way, because it is the simplest way, the way which unites men in the Spirit, is the way of truth; for it is the way of God’s love, the way of God’s heart, the way of the uniting creative spirit. If this is our certainty, then to work! All hands on deck! Let us dare it, whatever it costs!

- Eberhard Arnold
October 26,2020

Prayer must never supplant work in God’s kingdom and in his church. If we ask God earnestly for his will to be done on this earth, for his nature to be shown in our work, for his rule to bring men to unity, justice and love – then our life will be a life of work. Faith without works is dead. Prayer without work is hypocrisy. Un¬less we live according to God’s kingdom, the Lord’s Prayer is a lie. Unless love within the community results in work and deed, our Tree of Life will wither and come under judgment.

- Eberhard Arnold