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Quick Quotes

If we ask God earnestly that His will may become a fact on earth, that His nature may be revealed in work, that His rulership may lead men to unity, righteousness and love, then our life will become work. Faith without works is dead. Prayer without work is hypocrisy. The Lord’s Prayer without the way of God’s kingdom is a lie. The prayer of Jesus wants to bring us to the point where its words are turned into deeds, so that the prayer becomes action and history.

- Eberhard Arnold

The full power of forgiveness, of the laying on of hands, and of prayer dwells only in the purified community of the church. God wants to gather a pure people, fully consecrated to his kingdom. There cannot, therefore, be any prayer life for an individual who is interested only in himself and his emotions. The great throng of people gathered for the kingdom is united in prayer for forgiveness; they are profoundly in earnest in the knowledge of their own smallness and complete change of heart. They all pray for the welfare of the city, for they feel it to be their own welfare.

- Eberhard Arnold

The purpose of our gathering for prayer is to call upon God to come to us and implore his Spirit to come down, to call Christ into our midst, not only for ourselves, but for the great events in the wide world. The reason we live in community is so that we may come before God with the power to pray and so that thereby world history may take a decisive turn, through the return of Christ, right through the end-time.

- Eberhard Arnold

Additional Reading for Prayer and Worship

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