More Inspiration

April 13,2021

The only thing required is that we continue in unconditional truthfulness and in complete love, and that we see the help and the solution in nothing but Jesus alone.

- Eberhard Arnold
April 12,2021

The Lord of peace wholly consecrates and sanctifies men and human life to His perfect purity and unity. He demands the surrender of life and everything belonging to it. Peace belongs to all those who do good, who surrender everything to love, and it belongs to them alone. Peace streams from the mercy of God. It reveals His heart.

- Eberhard Arnold
April 11,2021

The believing and loving people who are united in the holy flame protect not themselves but the flame of the Spirit which is the only assurance of true life. They do not seek to keep their own life; they seek alone that of the holy fire in which they have lost their own nature.

- Eberhard Arnold