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Life and death lay before us. And we discovered that we need not sin any more; we need not live in unrighteousness any more. And so we turned away from all unrighteousness, from all lust and impurity, murder and lies, and we yearned for one thing only: that the righteousness of God’s kingdom might be revealed throughout the world. Thus the Holy Spirit came to us, so that we may live in the righteousness, peace, and joy of the Holy Spirit.

- Eberhard Arnold
September 30,2022

Only action and readiness for action, only the courage of endurance can prevent us from giving way, from falling prey to this or that influence which leads to the abyss through arrogance, lying, adultery, and acts of injustice. Any sitting on the fence, any lukewarmness, any wish to be neither hot nor completely cold, lead us into falling away to the side of Satan, to injustice and to contamination by this world and our own flesh.

- Eberhard Arnold
September 29,2022

Christ’s victory over the evil committed by the demonic powers of self makes the believer one with God and his church. Through the death of Christ, his heart is pure, released from all the mortal guilt of his egoistic life. He knows that the baptism of faith has cleansed his body of the lusts of death. He can trust in the faithfulness of God, which has drawn him into the realm of God’s promise of enduring life. His heart overflows with thanks that Jesus Christ has delivered him from the blinding darkness, from the sinister spell of satanic tyranny.

- Eberhard Arnold