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The fire that comes down from heaven is the blazing sign in which the God of the covenant draws near to men. For He is the creative Spirit of the central fire who created heaven and earth, sun, light and glowing warmth and all life.

- Eberhard Arnold
February 28,2024

The springtime of the climbing sun alone could bring over the earth and all its inhabitants the sunny time, the longed-for, expected time, which alone can awaken life, strong, prolific and abiding life. At the end of the days, light was to triumph over darkness. The final springtime of all worlds and of all ages was one day to melt away the whole present age which is the cold, dead and dark wintertime, the deadening ice age of the present world, and do away with it for all time.

- Eberhard Arnold
February 27,2024

That which holds back the awakening life of spring is the deadness of winter. That which is against warmth is deadening coldness. That which is against uniting love brings about disintegrating death. Death threatens life. Between light and darkness there is enmity and war to the last.

- Eberhard Arnold