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Without God the age sinks down into emptiness and lovelessness, into self-will and self-delusion. The revelation of the love of the Father is shown forth in Jesus.

- Eberhard Arnold
January 21,2022

Jesus brought new tidings into this world—the message of another order of all things. For the present world order this message means judgment and revolution of the whole of life. This message concerns the coming reign of God, which must bring to an end the present age with its glorification of man.

- Eberhard Arnold
January 20,2022

God is always ready. With the intensity of his holy will, he longs for people of faith to speak, pray, live, and believe so completely in the living Jesus that he is at last able to intervene and act as he has always wanted to act. In answer to our faith, and to the measure of our faith, everything will be done just as we ask. There is no wall, no mountain, and no barrier too high for the prayer of faith.

- Eberhard Arnold