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We should be ready to put our trust in God. Then out of the gathered silence words may come from us, words that come out of the depths of our hearts, out of ultimate truth and truthfulness. When people can be silent together, words of ultimate truth can come out of this silence. When people can be silent before God and He speaks to them, they may be able to say words that are given to them, that do not come from themselves.

- Eberhard Arnold, March 1935
May 05,2021

The tremendous thing in Jesus Christ is that this unity is reached by unveiling the truth. Its light comes to us in all its sharpness. When men experience God in Jesus Christ, they experience His being as holiness which judges their sin and yet draws them into His unity.

- Eberhard Arnold
May 04,2021

God himself was the only one who was able to restore himself and His lost image to us. He did this in Jesus Christ. In Jesus, God’s heart came into our midst anew. In Him it became clear again what God’s will and Spirit is.

- Eberhard Arnold