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All that mankind has in common today is suffering. Joy is alive in this suffering only as hope, but nonetheless as joyful faith in a better future. Without this joyful courage there would be no mutual help. The help given by one person to another proves that in spite of everything, faith in future healing cannot die.

- Eberhard Arnold
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Those truths of the spirit’s struggle are best experienced in life itself. In the steadfast constancy of faith, which is the fighting spirit itself, one then says “Yes” to this out of one’s heart. For this fight is indeed the highest love itself, as we know from Blumhardt and above all from the crucified One himself .

- Eberhard Arnold
February 16, 2020

I am certain that we are facing our true task, which is very great and powerful. What we need is always one and the same, no matter what we call it: the baptism of the Spirit—perfect love—the works of purity and truth—Jesus Christ!

- Eberhard Arnold