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With the Crucified we undergo a death that liberates us from everything which makes community with God impossible. When we are surrendered to the judgment of Jesus’ death we become one with the heart of God in a new life. God breaks in. The new life begins. Evil comes to an end. Good begins. The light of Jesus Christ is the new life of perfect unity. Everything that is without community and opposed to community is darkness and coldness; it is turned away from the glowing light of Jesus.

- Eberhard Arnold
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Every experience of God is an undeserved gift. Through the unreserved disclosure of our incapacity and our antagonism to God, we have allowed ourselves to be recognized by God. In the utterly undeserved love of His Son’s sacrifice we have recognized Him. We have experienced Jesus as the healing Savior of a life that was going completely to ruin. Through His death we have experienced forgiveness and redemption from the heaviest burden. Each renewed experience of God leads us more and more deeply to the awareness of the deathly bondage of all men in guilt and to thanksgiving for unmerited grace.

- Eberhard Arnold
June 04, 2020

When the vials of wrath are poured out over the world, when the need becomes unbearably intense, then a justice must be proclaimed and lived which is stronger than all the injustice of the world and which at the same time fulfills in love the punishing justice of judgment.

- Eberhard Arnold