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Throughout the cosmos God’s will is to bring together and unite. Everything is interrelated, and everything shall be made one. True, other and opposing forces also make themselves felt, but there can be no doubt that the power that joins, gathers, and draws to the center is the decisive power in the cosmos.

- Eberhard Arnold
October 24,2021

The full power of forgiveness, of the laying on of hands, and of prayer dwells only in the purified community of the church. God wants to gather a pure people, fully consecrated to his kingdom. There cannot, therefore, be any prayer life for an individual who is interested only in himself and his emotions. The great throng of people gathered for the kingdom is united in prayer for forgiveness; they are profoundly in earnest in the knowledge of their own smallness and complete change of heart. They all pray for the welfare of the city, for they feel it to be their own welfare.

- Eberhard Arnold
October 23,2021

God is called, “I am Who I am. I am the unchangeable one. I am the one who remains. I am the one who always remains the same.” His will does not bend. He does not conform to certain things or certain people. And we shall experience this when we learn to listen to the Spirit, when we hearken to the wind that comes to us from God. So we shall be unanimous in silence. Meeting in silence, we shall hear the same voice and perceive the same truth. So unity comes into being, unity of heart and of voice, when we hear this voice and see this light.

- Eberhard Arnold