Christian Socialism and Pacifism


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When we are no longer able to be there for all men, when we can no longer concern ourselves with the need and suffering of the whole world, our life has no longer any right to exist. As long as I live, I shall protest if people who are fighting for any ideal whatsoever no longer find an understanding among us. People who are fighting with a free and generous spirit for purity, for national unity, for pacifism, for a renewal of national characteristics, who are fighting for any political ideal, for any renewal of society cannot do it just in their own strength. If we were to have an understanding only for Anabaptist thinking, I shall not go along with it. I shall protest against it as long as I live.

- Eberhard Arnold

How glad I am that you are so positively united with me in the experience of peace and of Jesus’ spirit of love! The question is not at all one of our only refusing to do military service, though people always put it in this negative way. This refusal, after all, follows as a matter of course from a positive experience of the Spirit of Christ. When this Spirit, which is expressed so very intensely in the Sermon on the Mount and in Romans 8, penetrates us and glows in us, then we will become victorious people who must work as long as it is daylight—work in the productive, creative work of love.

- Eberhard Arnold

Whoever has discerned in the revolutionary movements the awakening of conscience in the sense of the Sermon on the Mount and in the sense of the future kingdom of God fights all the more sharply against the demonic powers of impurity, the murder spirit, lying polemics, and the greed for possession and power in socialism and communism. But it is of great importance that just in this decisive struggle Christians discern the awakening for God, and that they witness to Christ in the midst of the socialist, pacifist and communist movements of conscience.

- Eberhard Arnold

Additional Reading for Christian Socialism and Pacifism

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