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Quick Quotes

God is always ready. With the intensity of his holy will, he longs for people of faith to speak, pray, live, and believe so completely in the living Jesus that he is at last able to intervene and act as he has always wanted to act. In answer to our faith, and to the measure of our faith, everything will be done just as we ask. There is no wall, no mountain, and no barrier too high for the prayer of faith.

- Eberhard Arnold

Faith does not depend on feelings. It is not feelings but the will that forms the character, especially the Christian character. Often we must continue on the way simply through strict obedience, quite soberly, while at other times the Lord will overwhelm us with floods of joy. He does both in order to teach us. The peace of God is not a feeling. It is the relationship of the soul to God, and an expression of the fact that a reborn person is a child of God.

- Eberhard Arnold, April 1907

Faith is a light of God that surpasses all human reason. The light of faith is nothing other than God drawing near and intervening. He who is in the sun has no lack of light.

- Eberhard Arnold

Additional Reading for Faith

The Prayer God Answers
Eberhard Arnold describes the kind of prayer that pleases God, and the power of prayer to transform our lives and our world.
Poems and Rhymed Prayers
Poems and prayers that open a window on one man’s inmost thoughts, and show him at his most essential and Christ-centered. Each one can be a centering point for meditation and contemplation.
Salt and Light
Seventeen challenging talks and essays on the Sermon on the Mount, by a writer who believes their demands are viable and inescapable – and must be lived out today.