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The Holy Spirit produces a judgment upon everything that resists him, for the light he brings is a fire that he kindles. For this reason he is a Spirit of reverence. As the Spirit of truth he brings into the light everything that tries to hide. He leads into the reality of ultimate truth by testifying to Christ and, as the Spirit of mercy and of prayer, by bestowing and granting whatever the believing person needs.

- Eberhard Arnold

In the church of the Holy Spirit, the future kingdom of God is present with its perfect justice, its absolute peace, and its joy in love and unity. In the midst of the church, the king of peace brings here and brings now her inviolable community of peace both within and without – nothing but peace. Where there is redemption and reconciliation through Christ, even the locking-up of Satan for the thousand years of rejoicing is present reality because peace is here and now put into action.

- Eberhard Arnold

We ask only one thing: that the Holy Spirit come to us and establish among us the government and reign of God; that nothing else count for us but only this one thing, the Spirit of the coming kingdom of Jesus Christ. Him we entreat to step into the life of this community, so that from here he may stream out and radiate into the whole world, into the hearts of all men; a hidden and mysterious working of this very Spirit who speaks his word from heart to heart and from soul to soul, who carries his message onward, reveals his life, proclaims his prophecy, and manifests his reality.

- Eberhard Arnold

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