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Like the water of the mountains, the Spirit of the heights seeks the lowest place. He strives downwards. His Church bears the lowly and childlike spirit which alone is of God. She is with Mary in the stable. The Church comes into being with Christ on the gallows. She goes the way of apostolic poverty. With her one mind and one heart, she honors no one but God in Christ Jesus.

- Eberhard Arnold

We testify to the church of Christ as an embassy of God’s future state. Therefore the church of Christ should represent today what God’s kingdom will be. The Apostle Paul says, “The kingdom of God is today, here and now, and it is justice, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.” The Holy Spirit is the element of the great future. For this reason the church receives the Holy Spirit, not in order to figure out for itself a timetable for God’s kingdom, but in order to let life be directed by the Spirit, through perfect love.

- Eberhard Arnold

The church of Christ has a great message entrusted to it which must go forth to all mankind. All men shall be reached by it. This does not mean that already in this moment of history everyone must live in the church of Christ; but it does mean that all men must be reached by the witness of truth which tells what the final goal of human history is: this unity of Christ which is revealed in the embassy of Christ’s church. This fact strikes deep into the heart of all men, even if they are not all ready for it today.

- Eberhard Arnold

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