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We small people must disappear from our own field of vision so that only one question remains in view: “What is happening to God’s Kingdom?” What is going to happen to the injustice of the world situation, which cries out to heaven? How shall God’s Kingdom come? And how can we do away with all distractions so that we come to the cause entrusted to us by the Church?

- Eberhard Arnold, July 1934

Our expectation of the kingdom cannot be a passive waiting, a sweet, soft occupation with ourselves and our like-minded friends. No, if we truly expect God’s kingdom, we will be filled with divine power. Then the social justice of the future – with its purity of heart and divine fellowship – will be realized now, wherever Jesus himself is present. Our belief in the future must bring change to the present!

Faith is a light of God that surpasses all human reason. The light of faith is nothing other than God drawing near and intervening. He who is in the sun has no lack of light.

- Eberhard Arnold

Our life will become not narrower, but broader; not more limited, but more boundless; not more regulated, but more abundant; not more pedantic, but more bounteous; not more sober, but more enthusiastic; not more fainthearted, but more daring; not worse and more human, but filled with God and ever better; not sadder, but happier; not more incapable, but more creative. All this is Jesus and His Spirit of freedom! He is coming to us. Therefore let us forget. Let us forgive everyone, just as we must be forgiven everything, and go into the future radiant with joy!

- Eberhard Arnold

Additional Reading for Theology

God’s Revolution
Are you tired of answers that ignore the root causes of human suffering? This topically arranged selection of writings by Eberhard Arnold, who left a career and the established church in order to live out the Gospel, calls us to a completely different way.
Inner Land: The Inner Life
A trusted guide into the inner realm where our spirits find strength to master life and live for God.
Salt and Light
Seventeen challenging talks and essays on the Sermon on the Mount, by a writer who believes their demands are viable and inescapable – and must be lived out today.
The Individual and World Need
Arnold’s essential diagnosis of what is wrong in the world – fragmentation, alienation, lust for power and wealth – is as precise today as when he penned this essay in the 1920s. He explores the relationship of the individual to world suffering and points clearly to a solution.
Why We Live in Community
With two interpretive talks by Thomas Merton, this little book describes the great adventure of faith shared by those who are willing to trade isolation for companionship, and will further inspire those already traveling the road to community.