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Our expectation of God’s coming shall become an active readiness to stretch out our hands to him and be crucified with him – a readiness to be humbled by him, to lay down all our own power so that he alone has power over us. For in the midst of the days of wrath and judgment it is all the more important that the heart of Christ shine forth in the world and in world history.

- Eberhard Arnold, 13 July 1933

Every heart that is filled with God’s goodness reveals Christ’s humility and the patience of His love.

- Eberhard Arnold

It is always a matter of the clashing of two opposing goals. One goal seeks the person of high position, the great person, the spiritual person, the clever person, the fine person, who because of his natural abilities exhibits a special talent in the high places of mankind. And the other goal seeks the lowly people, the suffering people, who because of their low position live in a valley; who in the high places of mankind create the low place; the humble people, those who are wrongfully enslaved, the exploited and the weak and poor, the poorest of the poor.

- Eberhard Arnold

Additional Reading for Humility

When the Time Was Fulfilled
The meditations in this collection witness to the fact that the birth of Jesus is more than history – it is a reality – but only for those who feel their need and are personally ready to come to the manger.
Eberhard Arnold: Writings Selected
Whether you’ve never read Eberhard Arnold before, or have already been profoundly affected by one of his books, this introductory selection from many of his important works will surprise and challenge you.
The Prayer God Answers
Eberhard Arnold describes the kind of prayer that pleases God, and the power of prayer to transform our lives and our world.
Children’s Education in Community
A collection of writings by Eberhard Arnold on children’s education in Christian community. Arnold’s insights, while firmly grounded in biblical study, also engage the ideas of leading educational reformers of his day, and draw on the practical experience of his own community, the Bruderhof.