Selected Reading

Quick Quotes

The experience of God runs through all of human history as the overpowering of man by God’s overwhelming superiority. The first experience of God by human awe and reverence is His tremendous might, before which all men’s powers are nothing. God is unattainably high and glorious. Thus the prophets know that no other power can endure beside Him.

- Eberhard Arnold

When we stand in reverence before God, our first, intuitive experience of him is of an almighty power, before which all human strength is a mere nothing. Like Elijah, the first prophets veiled their heads in shuddering awe when God was about to draw near to them.

- Eberhard Arnold

Perhaps you have waited for years to be freed from some need or sin. For a long, long time you have looked out from the darkness in search of the light. Maybe you have a difficult problem that hasn’t been solved, in spite of great efforts. But then, when the time is fulfilled and God’s hour arrives, a solution, light, and deliverance will come quite unexpectedly. Perhaps quite differently than you might think. Hasn’t this happened to you before, just as a baby comes at his own time, and no impatience or hurrying can compel it – but then it comes with its blessing and full of the wonder of God? Hasn’t God’s help come to you sometimes in this way?

- Eberhard Arnold

Additional Reading for Reverence

Inner Land: Experiencing God
What happens when we let the living God into our practical lives?
Inner Land: The Conscience
When troubled consciences find healing they become a force for good.
When the Time Was Fulfilled
The meditations in this collection witness to the fact that the birth of Jesus is more than history – it is a reality – but only for those who feel their need and are personally ready to come to the manger.
Children’s Education in Community
A collection of writings by Eberhard Arnold on children’s education in Christian community. Arnold’s insights, while firmly grounded in biblical study, also engage the ideas of leading educational reformers of his day, and draw on the practical experience of his own community, the Bruderhof.