The Lord’s Supper


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Just as Jesus let his body be broken and his blood be shed, he wants you to give up being a separate grain of wheat, a separate grape. He wants you to throw yourself into the unity of the body, the unity of the flowing wine. Through the death of Christ this unity is created. The new Spirit flows and gives life to the body, making it of one heart and one mind. This is the mystery of Christ, of the Church, of full uniting. This is the Lord’s Supper.

- Eberhard Arnold, January 1933

The seeds of grain are scattered over many fields, and then comes harvest time. The grain from one field does not necessarily come together in one loaf. Mostly it is grain from many fields in different places that is baked together into one loaf. So we are many people; we have come together from many nations, from many different strata in society, from a variety of ideologies and traditions. We come from many different fields, but we are baked together in one loaf.

- Eberhard Arnold, May 1934

The Lord’s Supper is our way of expressing the central experience in Jesus, because we do not want to forget Jesus. How easy it is for us to forget Him! We need a very powerful reminder of Him. That is why we need the Lord’s Supper; it is a Meal of Remembrance.

- Eberhard Arnold

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