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Our expectation of God’s coming shall become an active readiness to stretch out our hands to him and be crucified with him – a readiness to be humbled by him, to lay down all our own power so that he alone has power over us. For in the midst of the days of wrath and judgment it is all the more important that the heart of Christ shine forth in the world and in world history.

- Eberhard Arnold, 13 July 1933

Whoever receives the Holy Spirit receives his power. Whoever tastes his joy and the peace of his unity lives in full expectation of God’s future, because the power of the Holy Spirit is in him. Through this Spirit the church grows strong in the person who loves, because it receives the riches of God’s majesty as the radiance from his ruling throne.

- Eberhard Arnold

We are convinced that there is One who will create peace and social justice for everyone. We expect him and thus long with a humble spirit that his rulership is recognized in every country. and when this happens, he will turn bloody weapons into tools for work, and we shall become true brothers and sisters. The Messiah King of peace and justice, the world ruler of love and joy will reign! This was the expectation of old, and this is what we think of when we approach the season of Jesus’ birth.

- Eberhard Arnold

Additional Reading for Expectation

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