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Quick Quotes

The first steps toward resurrection are taken when believers are no longer concerned with themselves, but turn completely and solely to the great cause of God’s kingdom.

- Eberhard Arnold

Only one thing matters: to be open to the living God, to the life-giving Spirit of Jesus Christ, so that He may awaken and bring into being the same life that He gave to. If we are open in this way, new unities of life will constantly arise in which the love of complete community encompasses and penetrates everything. Complete community is a matter of new birth and resurrection. This has been given even to our time by the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ in the power of eternal birth and new resurrection.

- Eberhard Arnold

The message of the Gospel is the awakening from death. From the resurrection on, Christ is proving himself the Son of God in the constantly renewed coming down of the Holy Spirit.

- Eberhard Arnold

Additional Reading for Resurrection

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