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Joy in God’s love fills believing hearts to overflowing, so much that their love has to go out to all men. All men shall become the object of this joyful faith; one after the other they are to be encompassed by love and the perfect community of love. The spirit of justice and peace and joy is the Spirit of the Church.

- Eberhard Arnold

Faith does not depend on feelings. It is not feelings but the will that forms the character, especially the Christian character. Often we must continue on the way simply through strict obedience, quite soberly, while at other times the Lord will overwhelm us with floods of joy. He does both in order to teach us. The peace of God is not a feeling. It is the relationship of the soul to God, and an expression of the fact that a reborn person is a child of God.

- Eberhard Arnold, April 1907

The experience of God runs through all of human history as the overpowering of man by God’s overwhelming superiority. The first experience of God by human awe and reverence is His tremendous might, before which all men’s powers are nothing. God is unattainably high and glorious. Thus the prophets know that no other power can endure beside Him.

- Eberhard Arnold

Additional Reading for Experience of God

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