Sermon on the Mount


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It is clear to us that the first Christian community in Jerusalem was more than a historical happening. It was here that the Sermon on the Mount came to life.

- Eberhard Arnold

We must let ourselves be pierced by the eternal words of the Sermon on the Mount, and hold on to the faith that God is leading us. Faithfulness is everything. By us, the work; by him, the achievement. He remains Lord of the world. His is the kingdom and the power and the glory.

- Eberhard Arnold

What the Kingdom of God means is made clear in the Sermon on the Mount, in the Lord’s Prayer, and in the words, “Enter by the narrow gate!” This means, treat people as you wish them to treat you. This is generally overlooked. You will not be going the way of discipleship until you do for everybody all that you ask from God for yourself, that is, absolute social justice and the peaceable atmosphere of God’s Kingdom. We are envoys of the coming Kingdom of God; we serve only one law, the law of His Spirit.

- Eberhard Arnold

Additional Reading for Sermon on the Mount

Salt and Light
Seventeen challenging talks and essays on the Sermon on the Mount, by a writer who believes their demands are viable and inescapable – and must be lived out today.
A Joyful Pilgrimage
Emmy Arnold’s memoir radiates joy, an enthusiasm for life, and an unflagging optimism grounded in faith. She tells the story of how she and her husband, Eberhard, came to discard all the trappings of middle-class life in 1920s German to found the Bruderhof, a Christian community based on Acts 2 and 4.
God’s Revolution
Are you tired of answers that ignore the root causes of human suffering? This topically arranged selection of writings by Eberhard Arnold, who left a career and the established church in order to live out the Gospel, calls us to a completely different way.
Why We Live in Community
With two interpretive talks by Thomas Merton, this little book describes the great adventure of faith shared by those who are willing to trade isolation for companionship, and will further inspire those already traveling the road to community.