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Quick Quotes

We are filled with the faith that the living Spirit of Christ is today causing countless small focal points to arise, where not only community of gathering and building up is to be found, but real community of life and of productive work and vocation.

- Eberhard Arnold, April 1920

It is the Spirit, calling to us from the mighty future of God, which gives us the strength to live in accordance with his coming reign. We must not grow sleepy in the face of such a high calling; instead, out of the inner compulsion of the Spirit, we must be constantly purified and hold to our original vocation. We must hold firm to the clear confession we made at the beginning, and to the final goal that we recognize and await! Jesus Christ and his future are coming soon!

- Eberhard Arnold

I can only say that I feel more and more certain and more and more happy in my inner calling to deeds in the love of Jesus, and to the discipleship of Christ in all aspects of practical life.

- Eberhard Arnold

Additional Reading for Vocation

A Testimony to Church Community
For a concise, readable introduction to a man who, in his search for Christ, spent his life turning conventional Christianity on its head living in Christian community, this little ebook is a good place to start.
Why We Live in Community
With two interpretive talks by Thomas Merton, this little book describes the great adventure of faith shared by those who are willing to trade isolation for companionship, and will further inspire those already traveling the road to community.
Inner Land: The Inner Life
A trusted guide into the inner realm where our spirits find strength to master life and live for God.